Friday, June 14, 2013

Bali. And a water sanitation project.

 Many people in Bali live in compounds that are surrounded by high walls and are entered  through exquisitely carved wooden gates like this.

Temples have gates too.  Here's one that opens onto the walking path along the sea in Sanur.
I went to Bali with another PCV in April for one week's vacation.  We stayed in Sanur Beach in South Bali and had a lovely relaxing time.  We walked or rode our rental bikes on this beautiful walking path along the beach almost every day. 
And here I am by another temple gate enjoying the sunshine on my face.  Do you notice the offerings?

Most compounds also have a family temple.
Inside the compound are individual might be a bedroom, another one the living room and that one's a kitchen, etc.

A Javanese statue welcoming you.
I loved the compounds we visited.  People really live outside when they are in their houses...the pavilions are mostly open and only have small private enclosed spaces.

One morning I went to the beach early enough to catch the sunrise.  It was spectacular.  What a great way to start the day.  Balinese people start their day with preparing small offerings of food and flowers and placing them their homes, on their desks at work, in front of their stores, and of course in their temples.

Sunrise on Sanur Beach

There's a little more pink.
Here's a small temple with one of those fabulous doors.

Sanur Beach is known for its lovely sunrises.

Bali is mostly Hindu and the island has a very different feel than Java, which is mostly Muslim.  However, many aspects of the culture are very similar....I am reminded of how diverse a country Indonesia is.....I have only seen such a small part of it.  Of course, no one would ever confuse LA with New York City either.

My current secondary project

Appropriate Projects is part of Water Charity and offers small grants to Peace Corps Volunteers who work with their local communities to improve water resources. I've just gotten a project approved and will start work soon. Check out the link to learn more.