Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Indonesian PC Volunteers

Vacation trip with some PCVs at Christmas break
We spent two nights on a houseboat going up a river into the jungle in Kalimantan to see the orangutans.  Awesome!

The beach near where I live at my permanent site.

Some of the ID6 PCVs and staff at our picnic at end-of-training
On an excursion with the neighborhood girls and my host mom
Preparing a meal with my host mom for the neighborhood monthly get-together

On a picnic with my training host family

A bride leaves her house with her parents
My bedroom during pre-service training

Selamat datang!

My hand-washed clothes hanging to dry outside my host family's house during pre-service training
So this post is especially for you people who might be reading it who have been invited to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Indonesia.  We understand that there are 70 of you who will be arriving in April, 2013, and this is a shout-out to welcome you from half-way around the world!!!
I'm known as one of the'll be an ID7.  I remember how every day I lapped up the blog postings trying to find out as much as possible about my new life-to-be.  Maybe you're doing the same.  We are really excited that you will be joining our little band of Volunteers!  Since there are only about 65 of us in total here now, you will be a huge infusion of many of us as can manage to be there will be waiting at the airport to welcome you ....I'm planning to be one of them!!!
I don't know where to start in describing what it's like other than to say that it's an amazing experience....and, of course, it's different for everyone.  So I think I'll just post some pictures....let them speak their 1000 words each.  Selamat datang!  (Welcome in bahasa Indonesian)


  1. Mary, I am a incoming PCV in April to Indonesia. Thank you so much for writing! I follow your posts and look forward to meeting you!

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    2. Hi, I was born in Indonesia and live in the US now.

      I've still been in touch with my former high schools from Indonesia. I have been trying to help my former school to start a partnership with Peace Corps so they can obtain a native speaker English teacher. Can you please help giving me information how my former school can get a PC volunteer to teach English?

      I speak fluent Indonesian and Javanese. I will visit Indonesia in June-August 2013.

      I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

    3. Hi Anita!
      I'm sorry that it's taken me 4 months to see your comment! I don't regularly update my blog, and so this is the first time that I've been back since January because I'm planning to add another entry. Your former school needs to be a public school and needs to be invited to apply to get a Peace Corps Volunteer by either the Indonesian Ministry of Religion (for the madrasahs) or the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Hope this helps.

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